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We have more than 40 years of experience in concrete industry.

No, we do not subcontract any work as all our employees are on payroll of the company and are employed by Atlanta's Best Concrete.

Yes we are licensed, Insured for general liabiity and worksman comprehensive.

Yes we do have several refernces and can provide job locations,contact information, website details and social media links for facebook for reference check.

We accepts payments in cash or cheque only and payments for most of the projects is required on completion. No deposit is required in most of the projects.

We provide major services form demolition, grading , concente materials and finishing labor. We are a one stop shop for all your concrete needs.

Yes we provide services from small residential projects to mega commercial projects.

We do not price our jobs per square feet. We price our projects based on preparation time, Assessibility, Materials and finishing labor time.

We have accounts with all major concrete companies in and around metro Atlanta area. We determine which supplier to use based on projet location and our client requirements.

Yes we provide free estimates.

Yes we provide military, police & five services discounts.